I am a Scenography and Exhibition Design student at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.
Many of my conceptional but playful works deal with questions about the systems of values in
society and culture and how they are related to space, communication and people.
Most of the projects are intermedial as I use various materials as well as media art to build
up my settings. For me it is also very important to think about in how far the new technologies
are changing our cognitive environemnt and communication and to focus on the new
developments in order to fully understand the progress. Moreover I am also interested in Design
Thinking and the idea of solving problems through interdisciplinary discussions as well as the
usage of creative processes outside of the area of Arts and Design.




April/Juli 2019 Design Thinking - Basic Track // Hasso-Plattner-Institut // School of Design Thinking // Potsdam, Germany (link)

April/Oct 2017                    Exchange Semester   //  Kyushu University   //  Faculty of Design  //  Fukuoka, Japan   (link)

June 2015                          Intermediate diploma  //  HFG Karlsruhe   // Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design  //  Karlsruhe, Germany  (link)

since 2012                         Diploma in Szenography- and Exhibition Design  //  HFG Karlsruhe //  Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design  //  Karlsruhe, Germany

2012                                   Abitur //  high-school diploma //  Lore- Lorentz- Schule  //  Berufskolleg und Gymnasium  //  Düsseldorf, Germany

Work experience


since Nov 2017                    student assistent 3D-Printing-Lab   //   HFG Karlsruhe   //   Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design   //   Karlsruhe, Germany

        May 2018                               Internship   //   LIVE   //                                  .      Filmproduction  //  Frankfurt,Germany 

Febr/Mar 2015                     Internship   //   Raumkontor   //   Architectural Office   //   Düsseldorf, Germany  (link)

Mar/April 2014                     Internship   //   Clages   //   Art Gallery   //   Cologne, Germany  (link)

Aug/Sept/Oct 2013               Internship   //   DASA- „Arbeitswelt Ausstellung“   //   Museum   //   Dortmund, Germany  (link)

July 2012                             Internship   //    International Summer School  //   Hochschule OWL  //   Detmold, Germany  (link)

May 2011                             Internship   //   Triple Strength   //   Graphic Design Office   //   Palmyra, PA, USA  (link)

Summer 2010/2011             Internship   //   netherblu   //   Architectural Office   //   Düsseldorf, Germany (link)


Language Skills


German                     mother tongue
English                      fluently in speech and writing
Spanish, French       basic knowledge

Software Skills


MS Office                 Word   //   Powerpoint   //   Exel

2D                            Photoshop   //   Illustrator   //   InDesign

3D                            Rhinoceros   //   SkechUp   //   VectorWorks   //   AutoCAD

Film editing              Final Cut Pro

Programming          HTML   //  CSS   //   Processing   //   Arduino (basics)